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Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center


My pain from hemorrhoids was nearly a daily event. They were so bad that I had to seek help. During my consultation with the physician about the procedure, I remember thinking to myself, it sounds so good and easy. It has to be a lot of nonsense. After completing my treatments, life has been wonderful! We returned yesterday from a 14 day cruise trip. This involved many meals and a variety of foods. I have had NO pain at all from the hemorrhoids. The treatments really work! Everything you said came true! The physician and the staff were super and very professional. Thanks for everything you've done. If you have any patients that need a reference, have them call me.

St. Louis, MO

Thank you for the outstanding service you provide. The moment I walked in you made me feel welcome and at ease. The attitude of all involved was very uplifting. The procedure was well explained to the point I was anxious to get started. A delicate topic became no more of a concern than a flu shot. The procedure itself was totally painless and relief was immediate. Thanks for making me feel better! Again, you have an excellent clinic and I wish all of you all the luck in the world.

R. B.
Hazelwood, MO

Unbelievably Miraculous!!!

I had lived with pain for over 10 years. The idea of surgery on my rectum only made me think of more pain. After being seen by a surgeon in an ER, who discouraged any treatment beyond sitz baths, altering my diet and staying off my feet for a few days, I was motivated to find treatment or some help that would bring real relief! In reading about Infrared technologies for treating other conditions, I was hopeful IRC was going to be the best option. WOW!!! It has been unbelievably miraculous for me! No more pain. I was in for treatment and back to work over my lunch hour. The clinic staff is discreet and very compassionate. The Dr. explained everything unlike surgeons had ever been able to do for me. All of my family and co-workers know how I was suffering. Now they all know how to help other people they encounter who are suffering with hemorrhoids. And so do I. This will never be a pain in my butt again! Thanks to the Doctor and MHTC.

B. J.
Leawood, KS

My #1 New Year's resolution was to seek treatment for my hemorrhoids. My hemorrhoids had been bothersome for many years. I tried numerous over-the-counter-medicines and definitely did not want surgery after my best friend described his painful surgical experience. Since being treated at MWHTC I'm 100% better. I've told many who have similar problems to go to Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center.

Independence, MO

I will be eternally grateful to the Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center for giving me my life back. My life had become one of not being able to make plans or if I did, often having to cancel, because of the pain I was experiencing from my hemorrhoids. Travel had also become impossible. Once again, I have my life back thanks to my treatments at MWHTC. I was determined not to have surgery because of the pain involved. The IRC treatment is completely painless and the staff is incredible. Everyone treated me with respect, dignity and kindness. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering with hemorrhoids.

St. Louis, MO

After my treatments, I feel 100% better and it was nothing like I had feared it to be. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Gardner, KS

We spent three years and bought dozens of tubes of shark's oil trying to relieve our hemorrhoids. Our primary care doctor described surgery as something more painful than death. We searched medical books and the internet but didn't find anything satisfactory. An ad in the newspaper introduced us to Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center. We called immediately. We were greeted professionally, made an appointment, were explained the problem and the procedure and received our first treatment. No more itching, no more pain!

Newton, KS

In February, 2008, I was referred to a general surgeon who specializes in the "rubber band" method of destroying hemorrhoids. The four treatments in this type of procedure were three weeks apart. They were painful and I had been put in a very embarrassing position to accomplish these treatments. After the second banding treatment, I dreaded going through the procedure again. Unfortunately, I was still having the pain and bleeding.

In September, I was still passing blood and tissue and decided I needed to try another method to improve my symptoms.

I contacted Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center and went to my first appointment on September 23rd. The procedure was quick. The doctors were kind and very careful. At no time did I feel embarrassed by the position I had to assume in order to have the procedure performed. I feel so much better.

The procedures are covered by Medicare and Insurances.

I would not hesitate to return to the Center if I ever need their services again.

Lee's Summit, MO

I received great care from Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center. The doctor explained the treatment options at my consultation. I decided to try one treatment and they were able to treat me that day following my consultation. I was amazed. I was able to resume my daily work after the treatment. I was sorry I had waited years to have my hemorrhoids treated. I have recommended this center to my family and friends who also suffer from the pain of hemorrhoids.

M. D.
Bonner Springs, KS

There are so many people that suffer from problems with hemorrhoids. The Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center changed my life! They made me feel so comfortable. I would suggest/recommend to anyone having the slightest problem to go and see for themselves how much more comfortable the natural process can be. I didn't think there was a solution as easy as the one offered here. There was no downtime, little to no discomfort. I actually met with the doctor and was treated the very same day. The staff is the best. They always give you a reminder call the day before your appointment. Most importantly they are so easy going they take any embarrassment out of the entire visit from coming to leaving. Again you are all the best and don't change a thing.

St. Louis, MO

After suffering with pain, discomfort and bleeding for years, I went to MWHTC for consultation and treatment. The staff and doctor were professional and very friendly. The treatments were quick and successful and also virtually painless.

Puter, IL

The first time I called for an appointment they were booked into the next week. The girl on the phone squeezed me in the next day.

The treatments were fast and painless. I got relief immediately after my first visit. After suffering for years with hemorrhoids, I am so glad I chose the Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center. They were friendly and took care of my problem. I would highly recommend the Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center if you have hemorrhoid problems. You won't be sorry.

Kansas City, MO

The treatment I received was almost a miracle. I was in pain and misery and then instantly after the treatment I was without any pain or discomfort. I would recommend this treatment for anyone.

New Columbia, MO

I was having trouble with my hemorrhoids for over two months. I was near giving in and having them surgically removed when my husband saw a commercial for the MWHTC. I called and made an appointment. The doctor took her time consulting with me on the procedure. It gave me great confidence. I never felt uncomfortable. The treatments gave me 100% relief. I found the doctor and all the staff very friendly and professional. I wholeheartedly will recommend this treatment to anyone suffering. Should I happen to irritate this condition again, I will return. Thank you each and everyone in this practice.

St. Louis , MO

A positive and congenial staff. The doctor was informative and kind. It was a very comfortable and pleasant situation for an unpleasant condition. I would highly recommend the MWHTC.

Gladstone, MO

I had the best experience at Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center. Great explanation and great results.

Kansas City, MO

The procedure turned out to be painless and with no side effects. After the first procedure my symptoms improved 90%.

Kansas City, MO

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