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Infrared Coagulation (IRC):

IRC is a minimally invasive non-surgical treatment option which received FDA clearance since 1984. Many

medical studies have shown IRC to be the optimal non-operative treatment of choice. It is fast, effective, well-

tolerated by patients and is associated with fewer complications than other modalities (rubber band ligation

and Sclerotherapy).


IRC usually consist of 3-4 treatments done 1-2 weeks apart. The IRC procedure usually takes just a few

minutes and can be performed without any anesthesia or special preparation. IRC rarely produces discomfort

and most patients return to work the same day as their treatment.

The IRC device focuses infrared light on hemorrhoid tissues. This coagulates the vessel above the hemorrhoid

causing them to shrink and retract. Patients may feel a slight warm sensation but it is usually painless.


Rubber band Ligation (Banding):

Severe hemorrhoids may require special treatment, much of which can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The rubber band treatment works effectively on internal hemorrhoids that protrude with bowel movements.

A small rubber band is placed over the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood supply. The hemorrhoid and the band

fall off in a few days and the wound usually heals within a month.


This procedure can consist of one treatment or multiple treatments and is done 1 month apart. The banding

usually takes just a few minutes and can be performed without any anesthesia or special preparation. This

procedure can produce mild discomfort and bleeding and may need to be repeated for a full effect. There

may be some restrictions associated with this treatment and can be discussed with the physician at the time

of the appointment.


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